Video: “Starry Eyes” Acoustic Roky Erickson cover by Veronica Falls.

Melancholy is paying a visit.
Melancholy is a beautiful word. The fact of feeling sad is not a big deal if it is melancholy who is coming.
Melancholy always brings an old-fashioned word: pensiveness.
I like its definition in ‘the free dictionary’;
1. Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.
2. Suggestive or expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness.

Synonyms: pensive, contemplative, reflective, meditative, thoughtful

These adjectives mean characterized by or disposed to thought, especially serious or deep thought. Pensive often connotes a wistful, dreamy, or sad quality: “while pensive poets painful vigils keep” (Alexander Pope).

I know it will be a short visit.
I offer them tea. They bring a black ribbon. It will be placed around my happiest memories.

I will close my eyes until I feel the wind coming from an open window.

It has been few minutes but I will feel the ribbon tight around these memories during the whole day.