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Little boxes

Two cats in a box.

They embrace themselves

In a fatal fight

Of love and death.

Inevitable and necessary.

Only one cat will be victorious.

The other one, homeless,

Will search for consolation,

In another box.

Endless cycle of cardboard


The architect of textile.


Yesterday while I supposed to be studying at the library, I turned my head slightly bored and there it was… Just behind me an unexpected book: Balenciaga and His Legacy by Myra WalkerThat discovery in my boring library world it definitely deserved a minute of attention… or a whole hour. I opened the book and suddenly I lost contact with time and space…

Hubert de Givenchy was doing the preface: Remembering Balenciaga, a memoir by Hubert de Givenchy. He started talking about his first interest in fabric, textiles and creation. Still being a child, Givenchy travelled to Paris just to show Balenciaga his first fashion creations on paper… He was so young that nobody took him seriously, so they did not introduced him to Balenciaga. Givenchy met Balenciaga years later and it grew  a profound admiration between them. Both of them understood the fashion in an artistic and structural way. Reading the book I was wondering what kind of spell was used in Paris in the first 50 years of the twentieth century. So much talent, inspiration and art reunited in one city.

In this case we talk about fashion, but it could be anything else. For some people it may sound frivolous, but for me, in terms of inspiration, it doesn’t matter if it is a photograph, a song, a poem or a piece of fabric. You can find art anywhere.

Here, in Balenciaga’s world, the body was just the framework to build around it geometrical structures. Playing with colour, materials, weight and height, creating majestic figures.

Balenciaga was an architect. He was after all building art.

Ramón and the avant-garde.


He is Ramón Gómez de la Serna. This photograph shows his desk, his inspiring space. I cannot stop looking at it.

Ramón is one of the greatest writers, I would say artists in the world.

His work has been a true inspiration for many artists.

I am not going to write here his biography or list his work, I would like to share with you what inspire me most of him.

First of all, his positivism. It has been said that in the first quarter of twentieth century, there were two constants in the avant garde: experimentation and joy. The idea was about breaking with the past in terms of tradition, seriousness and bourgeoisie…

The sense of humour was a constant… And Ramón did his best of it. He played with words creating funny puzzles in his Greguerías and the humoristic style was implicit in every single work of him.

I specially enjoy his playful style. Like a child, he was not shy of mixing genres, being naive… as a part to present his enormous and hilarious irony. One of my favourite works of him, was his  cartas a las golondrinas (letters to the swallows). He used to write about the quotidian, casual things around him. He humanised animals, things building a whole universe of magical elements. He could see inspiration in the most common and ordinary thing. As Surrealists did, he went closer and closer in a object until he could see wonders when common people only could see a bird or a window.

Year after year, he wrote a letter to the swallows.

In Madrid, as in other towns and cities in Spain, the arrival of swallows announce the return of Spring.

In Carta del décimo año (Letter of the tenth year):

-¿Y qué has estado haciendo toda la tarde?

-Leyendo golondrinas. Para eso tengo vacaciones.


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” -Pablo Picasso. Today I was remembering Paris. I stayed there for a week, trying to live as a Parisian do. I stayed in a little apartment at Rue Réaumur and I rent a bicycle to move around. Paris is equal to  I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N. The inspirational […]